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Housing - Trash/Overgrown Lawn

, reported at 342-369 Chestnut W Town of Randolph, MA, 02368, USA.

This request's status is Archived,

DSA held a rally at Rosemont Square today -- the regular Sunday rally -- and tenants complained about the overflowing trash compactors again. I will send an email with more pictures -- it's all three trash locations that are overflowing today. Tenants heard rumors that trash pickup "missed" Rosemont a couple of days ago -- but the Board of Health order would seem to say that Rosemont management is responsible regardless.

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Trash & Debris
Town Councilor Jesse Gordon
# 11024083
Town of Randolph
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  • Randolph, MA
    Verified Official

    Randolph, MA assigned this issue to Code Enforcement Officer

  • Verified Official

    This issue has been reported to the Code Enforcement Officers. An update will follow shortly.

  • Verified Official

    Board of health has handled this.

  • Verified Official

    This issue has been handled by Code Enforcement and is now closed. Thank you for your patience.

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Randolph, MA

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