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, reported at 80 Fitzgerald Street Randolph, MA, 02368, USA.

This request's status is Acknowledged,

Numerous potholes and cracks. 80 Fitzgerald Street is off Pacella Park Dr in its residential section -- it's the rear side of the building on Pacella Park Dr, not on Fitzgerald Street.

Please provide location of Pothole
Pacella Park Dr ner rear of 80 Fitzgerald Street
Is it on public or private property? Please note: If located on private property, the property owner should be contacted, not the Town of Randolph.
How deep is the pothole?
Town Councilor Jesse Gordon
# 11024544
Town of Randolph
Comments (2)
  • Randolph, MA
    Verified Official

    Randolph, MA assigned this issue to Chris Pellitteri

  • Paula M. Davis
    Verified Official

    Will dispatch to field office and put on hot mix repair list.

Randolph, MA

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