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More Road Construction Sign Dangers

, reported at 333 Broadway Blvd Se Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA.

This request's status is Archived,

As reported elsewhere, repeatedly, construction crews are placing sign as seen here directly atop bike lanes when "buffers" between driving and bike lanes exist. The buffer is an easy and far safer alternative, as cyclist must swerve around these signs, not only getting closer to drivers, but alarming those drivers by this action. Please change guidance to these construction crews that buffers must be used for these signs, wherever available.

# 7631937
City of Albuquerque
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  • Verified Official

    This request has been received, and a case reference # will be posted shortly.

  • Scot
    Registered User

    Another example on Lead going over the train tracks

    Image uploaded by Scot
  • Scot
    Registered User

    Proper placement of such signs when buffers exist.

    Image uploaded by Scot
  • Verified Official

    For your reference, this has been logged as case #200406-000780. You will be notified with updates via SeeClickFix.

  • Verified Official

    Thank you for submitting this request, it has been resolved. Notes: ------- "LEAD From 2ND To 8TH--2020033984EXC Advantage has been informed to have these moved or have share the road in place before the accommodated bike lane w/ reduction of speed. I have continued to impose to the barricade companies that they must accommodate the bike lane on every obstructing lane closure or provide a detour or share the road in place." -------

  • Registered User

    Thank you.

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