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City of Albuquerque (ABQ311)

Bus ‘buzzing’ bicyclist

, reported at 1501 University Blvd Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA.

This request's status is Archived,

Bus number 731, at 9:15 am on the morning of 5/5/19, traveling east, was driving in the far right lane while approaching the intersection of Indian School and University. I was on a bicycle, traveling the same direction in the bicycle lane. The bus gave me approximately one foot of space while passing me. While I understand that bus drivers are under a great deal of pressure to maintain their travel schedules, this lack of regard that an approximately 20+ ton motorized city owned and operated vehicle had for a 120-pound human riding a 16-pound bicycle is astonishing. The repercussions of such a vehicle hitting a cyclist would be quite devastating for all involved. I urge the city to train (or re-train) its drivers regarding the expected behavior when passing a cyclist. Thank you.

City of Albuquerque (ABQ311)

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