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City of Albuquerque (ABQ311)

Carlisle bike lane warning signs still blocking bike lane

, reported at 3600 Calle Del Ranchero Ne Albuquerque, NM, 87110, USA.

This request's status is Archived,

Thanks so much to the city staffer who has been helping to try to fix the warning sign blockage in the bike lane on Carlisle between Constitution and Lomas. Unfortunately, contrary to this morning's closure notice on case #200124-000135 ( ) as you can see from the attached picture the signage remains unchanged. The "share the road" sign is where it has always been - about a hundred feet *after* the two warning signs that blocking the bicycle lane. This seems to conflict with MUTCD 9B.19, which calls for placement of the share the road sign "at least 50 feet in advance of the beginning of the condition". Regardless of the MUTCD, it's also common sense - by the time everyone gets to the "share the road" sign, bicyclists have already been force out of their lane and into car traffic.

City of Albuquerque (ABQ311)

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