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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)

, reported at 2035 40th Ave Oakland, CA, 94601, USA.

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This area is in need of a cross guard and/or some traffic controller on street corners. Schools are back in session, students need a cross guard and vehicles need a traffic controller. Learning without Limits, address: 2035 40th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601. Global Family Elementary School: 2035 40th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601. Learning without Limits and Global Family are two schools located side by side. All students are back on campus. Due to COVID the schools are taking extra precautions preventing the spread of COVID by designated entrance points for drop off and pick up depending on student’s grades. Students are entering the premises from various points: 39th Ave, Carrington Street, and 40th Ave. In this situation a simple solution would be to have trained cross guards and traffic controllers present during drop off and pick up hours directing pedestrians and vehicles safely along. Due to challenge of multiple entry points, I believe having delays in traffic and folks double parking is a cause of concern for the safety of our children.

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