City of Tucson PLUS

Open Issues: 1,746 Closed Issues: 78,749 Acknowledged Issues: 387
  • Lakeside Park Tucson, AZ, USA - Lakeside Park
    In park. Employee stating it has been there for 3 days and has not moved.
  • 1490 South Cherrybell Stravenue Tucson, AZ, 85713, USA - South Park
    Bill stated that there is an overgrown tree that is starting to weigh down some of the powerlines in the area.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    4004 South Park Avenue Tucson, Arizona, 85714 - Fairgrounds
    Caller reporting hitting a streetlight while turning into the gas station at the address listed.
  • 8133 East 6th Street Tucson, AZ, 85710, USA - Tucson Ward 2
    Junk (ie accessible freezer)
    Burning trash
  • 2048 South Mcconnell Drive Tucson, Arizona, 85710 - Dietz
    RV is located in Community Pantanto Ridge and constantly moves to different community spots. Possibly someone living in the RV
  • 3718 N Los Altos Ave Tucson, AZ 85705, USA - Amphi
    this property is not following the City of Tucson Ordinance for clean & fot property. This property has an abundance of overgrown weeds some nearly 2ft high, trees protruding onto neighboring property
  • 410 East 23rd Street Tucson, Arizona, 85713 - Santa Rita Park
    This house continues to be occupied by homeless people. The people there urinate and defecate in the house's front yard. It is a nuisance and a health hazard to us, the neighbors. Please help!!
  • 85756 Summit, AZ, USA - Tucson
    This area has turned into an unlicensed and unregulated off-road track for dirtbikes, 4-wheelers, et cetera. This is extremely dangerous, has destroyed the natural habitat, and presents a significant and constant disturbance to the nearby residential neighborhoods.
  • 5850 E 21st St Tucson, AZ 85711, USA - Colonia Del Valle
    This house has been vacant and uncared for, for years. in the last year I noticed vandals have broken the gate and are entering the house leaving trash, stolen shopping carts, trash, and drug paraphernalia all over the area of the outside of the property. The owner clearly doesn't care about the rest of us in the neighborhood with this trap house being used by vandals and drug users.
  • 4213 E First St Tucson AZ 85711, United States - Peter Howell
    My ring camera spotted someone jumping wall to the back yard with a tool box
  • 2886 N First Ave Tucson AZ 85719, United States - Hedrick Acres
    What is happening at this property? It is absolutely horrifying Needs to be torn down The fire was 11 months ago And from the looks of it It looked like that before the fire!!! It is unsafe Obviously Brings the neighborhood down And that says a lot
  • 7916 East Manitoba Place Tucson, AZ, 85730, USA - Groves Lincoln Park

    Two houses on Manitoba Place have several junk cars and other debris littering the front of their houses. It looks like a junk yard. The vehicles have long expired plates or no plates.
    These two houses that sit next to each other are bringing down the property values of our entire street and surrounding area.

    7932 E. Manitoba Place
    1. A white van no plates
    2. A Gray and white station wagon
    3. White BMW
    4. Various other debris/junk

    7916 E. Manitoba Place
    1. Gray Toyota van - expired plates
    2. #2 Gray Toyota van - expired plates
    3. Rusted junk car on a trailer- expired plates
    4. Various other debris/junk

    We all appreciate your help.