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  • 444 Trumbull Ave Bridgeport CT 06606, United States - Bridgeport
    Unregistered trailer full of garbage
    Been here for weeks.
    Police mobile command post was across the street, but nothing has been done.
  • 695 Colorado Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    Seriously, someone dumped A BOAT near Maplewood on Colorado. You can see St. Peter's in the background. INSANITY!!!
  • 25 Columbia St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    at least 3 unregistered inoperable vehicles in the rear yard, possible more in the garage
  • 290 Putnam St Bridgeport, CT, 06608, USA - Bridgeport
    Not moved. Expired plate. Parked on street.
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    157 Jones Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06604, USA - Bridgeport
    there has been a truck parked in front of our driveway for about a month now. gray for it is filled with junk. and it's parked half way in our driveway and it makes it had for us to pull in or out of our drive way safely. can some one please come get it out of here. i do not belong to anyone on our street.
  • Litter / TrashAcknowledged
    4 Wake St Bridgeport, CT, 06610, USA - Bridgeport
    These people have no trash cans, so they throw all of their garbage in the back of this pickup truck, which never moves! This will attract vermin, and I just don't need to look at a pile of trash every day. Can't they be forced to either buy the Bpt. trash cans, or go to the transfer station? Thank you.
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    183 Beardsley St Bridgeport, CT, 06607, USA - Bridgeport
    There an abandoned boat in front of my property
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    63 - 65 Morgan Ave Bridgeport CT, 06606, USA - Bridgeport
    Vehicle, Boats, Water Scooter, Cars non registered, Trash, Broken glass general waste
  • Sedgewick St Bridgeport, CT, 06606, USA - Bridgeport
    Abandoned boat
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    Waldorf Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    One person on Waldorf Ave. has 15, seemingly registered, vehicles parked on the street. This leaves no parking for other residents. The other residents have to park around the block. This has been an ongoing problem with no remedy.
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    190 Orland St Bridgeport CT 06605, United States - Bridgeport
    This car is still here it just moves side to side but it's never driven. Taking up parking, they just move it to make it look like it's been driven but if you watch it never moves
  • Illegal EntityAcknowledged
    223 Iranistan Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06604, USA - Bridgeport
    This trailer has not turned a wheel in almost two years and magically has a new plate on it GPR3166 (NY). Original plate had no record. Street went un-plowed in winter because of it and apartment residents have been seen storing things in it. There is a law about storage trailers kept in the street.