Chelsea, MA MAIS

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    35 Franklin St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Broken Water Main!!!! Water coming up through pavement running down hill to Washington Park. Icy mess this water main has been leaking for 2 years. Keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. I have reported this to city last year and again last week. This needs to be fixed.
  • 11 Addison St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Refrigerator is still in yard with both doors in tact 100 Watts st
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    Washington Park Washington Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Fireworks set off previously
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    76 Shawmut St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    This dog waste station needs to be empty please and also needs plastics bags .
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    500–528 Broadway Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
  • Chester Ave & Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Last night there was a huge string of what sounded like gunshots to me but with all the fireworks going off in the city lately and nothing being done about it it’s hard to tell anymore, but to me these sounded like gunshots.
    when I look outside there’s obvious hoodlum gang members from one side of the street all the way down to the next with hookers going about there crime ridden buisiness with impunity and no police to be seen, why is this being allowed. and to top it off a couple assaults One with a bat I see on the scanner from the same night this seems to be getting really dangerous and there’s no help from law enforcement.
    This is an outrage and I hope someone sees this who actually is willing to help. Some people work In this city still threw this covid and these explosions nightly should be considered a public health emergency.Along with it
  • 263 Second Street Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Entire market contaminated and nothing done by the city to stop its spread. This is a crime in itself. Nobody has masks, companies not enforcing social distancing. Discussing and this will be made apparent everyday
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    89 Webster Ave Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    The utility poles in this area are leaning quite a bit. Can you have them come and check it out before the lean gets even worse?
  • Polonia Park Tremont St, Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    The grass in the park has been completely destroyed through time by the dogs urinating and defecating all over the area. The grassy areas are dead and look awful! Now is the time for the City to resod the area and rope them off from the dogs which are constantly being let loose by their owners. Also, dogs owners are placing their dogs over the locked gate and allowing them to run loose in the Park.
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    Chelsea Ma 02150 United States - Chelsea
    There are fireworks all over the park and most of them are under the large trees. They need to be removed and something needs to be done about them. The fireworks could set the trees in the park on fire especially if they are lighting them under the trees
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    90 Essex St Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Handicap access ramp wrong location, too far down, & will be blocked by parking spot.
    Easy fix swap one curb stone to make it closer to the corner like it was prior to the construction. Simple mistake but if left I corrected will take up a parking spot in a neighborhood where there’s already not enough parking.
  • 10 Cottage St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Can the city please remove a broken tree limb from the sidewalk in front of 27-29 Medford Street. Thanks