Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic PLUS

Streets, Alleys, Sidewalks, and Traffic

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  • 1575 Jermain Dr Toledo, OH 43606, USA - Toledo
    As you see in the pictures, this is right outside my back yard. this is my 2nd submission and no response. garbage just being dumped in the alley.
  • 965 Woodland Ave Toledo 43607, United States - Onyx
    A man was seen dumping bags of trash out of a trash can in the alley. Also a pick up truck came and dumped a mattress and a couch a week later
  • 2138 Warren St Toledo, Ohio - Warren Sherman
    American Food Center keeps their parking lot clean but their customers leave trash in the alley and behind the store. It is primarily a liquor store, but hides under the name American Food Center.
  • 57 E Hudson St Toledo, OH 43608, USA - La Grange
    illegal dumping in alley,brush,mattresses
  • Address Unavailable - Old West End
    Requesting alley cleaning in the areas of Detroit, Central, Parkwood, Maplewood, Scottwood Avenues. None of these alleys have been cleaned in over a year. This is part of our tax payer dollars. Have been told for about 8 months now that this will be completed.
  • 1301 N Summit St Toledo, OH 43604, USA - North River
    burned debris in alley
  • 1636 W Bancroft St Toledo 43606, United States - Ottawa
    Horribly messy and dangerous materials behind G7 Athleticz
  • 5427 Edgewater Dr toledo, ohio - Point Place
    5427 edgewater dr throwing dog fecies in the street----poored paint in street and now car s have tracked it down the road -------dog fecies in the road ---this is a school route
    pick s dog fecies off his deck very un healthy
  • 326 Glencoe St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    paper alley...behind Glencoe st..
    intersecting with Huberdale off Oakdale...HUGE WEEDS over 10ft tall..debris, tree needs attention also...this is a constant concern yearly..NOBODY comes and takes care of this tired of the mosquitos and ground hogs, racoons, skunks residing in this mess..please come take care of old n disabled or i would do it myself..thankyou!!!
  • 5133 Telegraph Rd Toledo, OH 43612, USA - North Towne
    crossover between Clay Ave and Woodword Ave. huge potholes, vegetation growing 6 ft high half way into the alley. garbage and tree cuttings strewn all down the alley behind the 800 block of Clay Ave.
  • 136 E Park St Toledo, OH 43608, USA - La Grange
    lots of dumping in the alley, overgrown brush and potholes.
  • 1279 Fernwood Toledo, Ohio - Roosevelt
    this is the alley located in back between fernwood ave and palmwood.ave From bell ave. to N. detroit ave.