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  • Beltran St & Glen Rock Ave Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 3
    When installing the new side walks by our house, about 6 inches were left exposed on our retaining wall, leaving the bottom of the wall footed by dirt. It looks like they tried to patch part of it, but it is not done well and I am worried the wall is now structurally undermined. Furthermore, the section with the yellow pad slopes towards the wall (not the street) so water pools there. Can someone please contact us to discuss how to fix?
  • 64 Granville Avenue Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 5
    The sidewalks and roads on Granville Avenue beginning at Dale Street and moving towards Fairview are in very bad shape. They have been like this for at least 10 years with continuous pot hole patches each year. The condition of the sidewalks and roads makes it dangerous for children and strollers. I hope that we will see re-paved roads and sidewalks in this neighborhood. Many streets in the area have been repaved, however this street continues to crumble.
  • Blomerth St Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 3

    Please do a better job of notifying residents of DAILY construction work that will impact access to their property. Our neighborhood received a flyer last week that notified us of upcoming water main work, but that flyer listed no dates.

    Yesterday, several people in our neighborhood were caught off guard by work being done that blocked our street, and blocked several driveways. If we had been notified in advance, residents could have parked on the street so they would not be stuck in their driveways while the work was being done.

    There is not enough space in this neighborhood for everyone to park on the street all of the time. Simply giving us very broad notice of work being done, with no specific dates, is useless. We cannot ALL park on the street indefinitely until the project is completed.

    Many residents are extremely concerned about the poor communication shown so far in the early stages of this project, and what we can expect as the project moves forward. Are we going to suddenly discover that we cannot leave our driveways again? Are we going to suddenly find ourselves with no water, with no advance notice?

    This poor communication is inexcusable, and shows a lack of concern for the impact that this project has on residents. We can't work with you if you won't tell us what to expect, and when to expect it.

    A previous SeeClickFix report on this same concern was never addressed; more poor communication, and keeping the residents in the dark.

    Please do better for the tax paying residents in this community. We know these water main improvements need to be made, but we also need to be able to live our lives during the project.

    I hope this report actually receives a reply, instead of more silence.

  • 31 Murray Hill Road Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    The end of Murray Hill Road, where it meets W Border Road does not have a curb ramp. If you are walking down Murray Hill Road on the left side (odd side street), at the end where it meets West Border Road, there is no curb opening to cross W Border Rd to get to the Rez. It is difficult with a stroller and impossible with a wheel chair. After you cross West Border Rd, to get on the Fellsway East sidewalk, you almost have to walk in traffic of Fellsway East to enter the ramp. A ramp is definitely needed at the end of Murray Hill Rd, and an aligned ramp with the new ramp, would be nice (and safe).
  • 33-35 Bainbridge Street Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 5
    The center line on lower Bainbridge St. was removed and repainted at 1:30 AM on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020. Firstly, that was absolutely ridiculous to even occur in the first place and I, among other residents, "thank you" for waking us up for that. However, now there is another problem that was easily foreseeable. The new line was moved too far over and now chokes the street even more. Personally, I'd like to see how a firetruck or snowplow can stay within that restricted lane when they come down the street without potentially causing damage or possibly an accident. The original line was fine, if parking was the problem, how about putting up a sign first. Also now the newly paved street has a grooved line in the center, please fix.
  • Main St & Centre St Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 1
    The timing of the lights at this intersection is causing dangerous and frustrating driving conditions. Cars keep getting stuck in the intersection, blocking oncoming traffic, and congestion is absurd at even low traffic times because one light turns green and another red light is encountered seconds away and now allowing traffic to flow. Please adjust.
  • PotholeReconhecido
    20–86 Canal St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1
    Why can’t this get fixed with it has been requested to be fixed for over 3 years and it keeps getting pushed aside and deleted
  • PotholeReconhecido
    339 Summer Street Malden 02148 United States - Malden Ward 3
    The patches don’t last. The top of Summer St. Needs to be re paved.
  • 142 Wyoming Avenue Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 - Malden Ward 3
    While working on the curb they damaged and broke my walkway. They manage cover up with minor patch. However I can see the whole piece has broken out. Can we ask for a better repair that our private property has been damaged.
  • 112 Boylston St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 7
    Nice hack job on the Boylston street sidewalk. Contractors must laugh when they come to work for the City of Malden. Let’s hear the excuses why we didn’t pour concrete for these sidewalks. It’s pretty sad I’ve poured over 100 sidewalks around gas and water shutoff and this is no excuse. Great example of being lazy and pulling a fast one. Get rid of these ghetto trash asphalt sidewalk patches. Raise your standards. In fact most of the patch work the paving company did in this area is pathetic. Can’t believe the city signs off on this.
  • Ferry St & Boylston St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 7
    This National Grid project that has turned Ferry Street into an outright DISASTER AREA, once completed SHOULD INCLUDE (just as our neighbors in Everett) FULL REPAVEMENT OF THE ENTIRE DISRUPTED ROADWAY! How can Malden allow National Grid to leave the area and get away with only patching??! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! Everett has repaved from Glendale Square right up to the Malden line! MALDEN residents DESERVE THE SAME! Someone from the city should make sure National Grid does not just tear up our roadway for their benefit, just patch and leave! As a long time Malden taxpayer I find this TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! WE DESERVE BETTER! SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE A STAND AND SPEAK UP!
  • 473–499 Cross St Malden MA 02148, Verenigde Staten - Malden Ward 7
    Please install No Turn On Red signs for both directions of Bryant Street. There are now bike two stage turn boxes in front of those approaches, therefore to comply with the MUTCD, no turn on red (R10-11) signs are required to be installed Thank you