City of SeaTac PIU

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    3425 South 176th St Seattle, Washington - SeaTac
    Our community is having a community day with the PSFD and recology on site from 9am-noon on the 17th of this month. is there any way we can get a community service patrol car for kids to ask question and have an office speak on services. RMM Kathy sargent 206-919-6661 thank you
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    3723 S 164th St SeaTac 98188, United States - SeaTac
    Utility lines down and blocking driveways
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    2916 S200th #9 SeaTac, Washington - SeaTac
    I cant wait for my turn to redevelop that @#$% hole criminal out house you call a city can any one of you even spell Criminal conspiracy. Mandatory 15 years and you only have Chuck winters and brother in law Bob Eggit to thank and your self I think that you will all learn a lot at walla-walla
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    3445 S 160th St SeaTac, Washington - Tukwila

    Hi, my name is Hawa. There is someone I paid $180 and gave her 3 laptops and clothes. I paid her this in order she bring my stuff to Africa by airplane because she is pretending doing this job as "gp" . So since I gave her the money 2 weeks ago and my stuff in her apt in Renton, I didn't hear from her, she never picked my call too.
    I am very confused, and I don't know what action should I take. Can I go to her apt and call 911 or can I report it to the police?

    Best regard,