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Police Enforcement - Sector 1

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  • 22 Nw 18th Terrace Gainesville, FL 32603, USA - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    construction vehicles frequently parked on sidewalk and city ROW. vechicles are cracking and destroying the sidewalk
  • 3706 Sw 3 Pl Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    To the east of 3706 SW 3 Pl, 32607 there is an open stretch of land connecting SW 2 Pl and SW 3 Pl. To stop illegal use of the stretch for cutting thru, there are metal signs. Regardless, trespassers on motorized scooters are ignoring the barricades and using both 3706 SW 3 Pl's and 3705 SW 2 Pl's driveway to cut thru the property.