Edina, MN MAIS

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  • Sod DamagedReconhecido
    7727 Gleason Rd Edina 55439, United States - Edina
    Sod and lawn sprinkler damage. Please come and fix.
  • Sod DamagedReconhecido
    5001 Oxford Ave Edina 55436 United States - Edina
    We understand that there is construction currently happening, but can we please be informed of when this project will be concluded? There really is no reason the trucks should be using our lawn as a road when half of Interlachen is blocked off every day to provide construction transportation.
  • Sod DamagedReconhecido
    5404 Creek View Ln Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    This was damage that happened in April of 2018, the damage was reported on the old site but never fixed.
  • Sod DamagedReconhecido
    4904 Prescott Cir Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina
    There is a long stretch of sod in our front yard that was damaged by the tires of the heavy plowing equipment this winter.
  • Sod DamagedReconhecido
    5620 Countryside Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55436, USA - Edina
  • Sod DamagedReconhecido
    5000 Oxford Ave - Edina
    Please send someone to fix this - I am fairly certain this is not going to effectively grow grass and it is an embarrassing mess on the corner of our property. Thanks!
  • OtherReconhecido
    5200 Interlachen Blvd Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    Furniture dumped on corner.
  • 6704 West Trl Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Edina
    Hard to describe; please see photo. The manhole cover is in front of our house. We couldn't dislodge this metal coil but we are concerned because it might puncture a car tire. Thanks for checking into it.
  • 5532 Brookview Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55424, USA - Edina


    I am the property owner at 5532 Brookview Ave, Edina, MN. We have a water main access cover that is located just a few feet in off the street that was popped up/open. It has been secured and tight for the 2 years we've been at the property, however, the cast iron cover was sitting up and out of it's secure location. I would like someone to take a look at it to get it secured & fastened back into place.

    Thank you,

    Jon Palmeri
    (651) 324-5629

  • 5936 Fairfax Avenue South - Edina
    Jet Black Sealer Company left a large 3 foot diameter spot of driveway sealer on the street while they were doing my driveway. This street was recently coated with rock. I have called them to find out what they intend to do about this. Is there anything the city can or will do about this?
  • 4401–4403 Claremore Dr Edina 55435, United States - Edina
    Concrete street in disrepair and crumbling. Plants are growing in the dirt between broken concrete pieces. There are multiple spots like this on Claremore with broken concrete and/or plants growing in the street.
  • 5340 Interlachen Blvd Edina 55436, United States - Edina
    There has been construction on Interlachen for weeks. Part of the construction includes orange tape over the storm drains to keep construction rocks out of the drains. It allows water through them but most of it ends up in our basement because the water has no where to go. We have flooded once in the past ten years but the times in the past month. Hoping these tattoos can be removed.