Sarasota County Traffic PLUS

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  • PED SignalADIは、
    8630 Midnight Pass Rd Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Sarasota County
    The flashing lights on this PED Signal do *not* respond to button pushes from pedestrians. This issue is especially significant at night, when people want to cross Midnight Pass after viewing the sunset. There is a *serious* problem with follow-up on this important safety issue. County trucks come and go, but the problem remains unsolved. This has gone on for about a year. Is there any wonder that the Sarasota-Bradenton area is No. 6 in the United States in the number of fatal crashes involving pedestrians. (See today’s newsfeed from WWSB, Channel 7.)
    Will someone *please* take this safety issue seriously, and solve the problem once and for all?
  • PED SignalADIは、
    Clark Rd & Sawyer Rd Sarasota, FL, 34233, USA - South Gate Ridge
    Pedestrian signal timing Too short/fast dangerous. West side of intersection
  • ConesADIは、
    De Herreda Dr North Port, FL, 34287, USA - Warm Mineral Springs
    They paved our street months ago and there is still cones at each end... Also markers in the ditches that were never removed..
    Im not sure how long they are supposed to be there but it seems like they forgot.
    By the way thank you for paving!!@!
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    101–141 Honore Ave Sarasota FL 34232, United States - Fruitville
    Turn arrows painted on road are almost invisibl Also a pothole that should be fixed before it gets worse
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    3600 Country Place Blvd Sarasota, FL, 34233, USA - South Gate Ridge
    when the streets were repaved months ago, the markers for the fire hydrants were not reinstalled on the roads in the Country Place Neighborhood
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    Clark Rd & Beneva Rd Sarasota, FL, 34233, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    Bad pot hole
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    422 Beach Park Blvd Venice, FL, 34285, USA - Venice
    Missing fire hydrant blue reflector and Street. We reported this several months ago and it still has not been fixed.
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    1300-1300 Overbrook Rd Englewood, FL, 34223, USA - Sarasota County
    There are two turning lanes, The lanes only show a left arrow and a right arrow, it doesn’t distinguish which lane to take if you want to go straight onto Fredann St.
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    5440 New Covington Dr Sarasota, FL 34233, USA - Sarasota County
    pot hole
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    4047 Higel Avenue Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Last week the construction cones were marking the deep holes in the bike lane. This week cones are missing and the ones that are there have been moved inward exposing deep holes in the bike lane which could result in injury to bikers. Additionally vehicles do not give clearance to bikers having to ride in the road in this section because they are unaware why the cyclist is in the road.
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    1000-1456 Wendall Kent Rd Sarasota, FL, 34240, USA - Sarasota County
    Please correct your system and the associated maps to include 2300 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Sarasota, FL 34240 - the address assigned by Sarasota County, but not visible on this system.
  • Road MarkingADIは、
    Siesta Dr Sarasota FL 34239, United States - San Remo

    No category for pot holes The entrance to North Bridge Outlook park from Siesta Drive has severe potholes. They are getting bigger and bigger. They are dangerous and will cause damage to vehicles unless one drives very slowly which is not always practical when pulling out into traffic on Siesta Drive. They should be filled ASAP.

    Thank you

    Tony Sellitto
    732 614 7544.