Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. PLUS

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  • 18888 Shields St Detroit, MI 48234, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Another car got stuck in there on Monday.
  • 14175 Mansfield St Detroit, Michigan, 48227 - US Congressional District MI14
    “Two years ago I paid Jack's Precision Drain Company $4,000 to repair the sink hole in my backyard. They have not come back to see the sink hole although I have called them several times. The sink hole has come back and I have made numerous calls to Detroit Water and Sewage who have finally come out and put a sandwich board over the hole. I am having water in my basement because of the sink hole and have had to have a plumber to clean the main drain.”
  • 1234 Clairmount St Detroit, MI, 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 1545 Selden St Detroit, MI 48208, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Sinkhole opening up over the sewer line by alley
  • 15390 Hubbell St Detroit MI 48227, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    This is a probably every since the City came and put a handicap cross walk in. The drain is not blocked with debris it is full of dirt so the water will not go down. And my basement is backing up from this. Can someone come and either blow the dirt out or suck it out so the water will drain.
  • 3733 Waverly Ave Detroit MI 48238, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    Another located in middle of same block . Opposite side of street next to utility pole.
  • 18700 Meyers Rd Detroit, MI 48235, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Home Depot parking is flooded in two area of parking structures, no barreis are put up to prevent injury. On going problem for at least four weeks
  • 4245 Seminole St Detroit MI 48214, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    This has been flagged for awhile when is it to get fixed it has now double in size
  • 17141 Cameron St Highland Park, Michigan, 48203 - US Congressional District MI14
    I recently tried to have my basement drains snaked out because there is sewage build up where the water isn't emptying out into the city sewer lines outside of the house. My pipes and drains quickly fill with water leaving 2 pools of water in the basement. The kitchen sink, 1st floor bathroom tub and toilet, and washing machine sink leak water onto the floor because my pipes fill up too quickly. Ben Washington & Sons Detroit Plumbing snaked out the sewer line for 130 feet, but were unsuccessful in opening the blockage outside of the house. I was told that part of the sewer may be collasped in the neighborhood. How can this problem be fixed? I would love to hear from someone. I cant continue living in a house where the sewers are collapsed leaving the residents with backed up sewage.
  • 4616 Cass Ave Detroit, MI, 48201, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 3301 17th St Detroit, MI 48208, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 15251 Harper Ave Detroit, Michigan, 48224 - US Congressional District MI13
    Concrete buckling, no cover on man hole, garage cave in. Very dangerous. 313-521-3131 Matt Rost working on this since october.