City of Brookhaven PLUS

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  • 2146 Johnson Ferry Road Northeast Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven

    Improper and illegal flag displays. US Flags are faded, damaged, and displayed illegally.
    Section 21-28
    Flags not on flag poles (street lamps, wagons, pots, etc.). Flag pole possibly improperly set back at Corner Pizza. The US Flag should not be an advertising tool and should be properly cared for.

    Dilapidated Signs- Sec 21-11- present on the property.

    Planters located illegally on sidewalks in the pedestrian right of way. Also, appears to be discoloring and possibly damaging the sidewalks.

  • 2660 Osborne Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Is this a dog park?? Despite signage posted in a number of areas detailing the ban of animals off leash, area residents continue to defy the law. I love dogs, yet I hate that fellow local residents that think the laws/ rules don't apply to them. It would be refreshing to see the rules followed.
  • 2320 Nesbitt Dr Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    House not being built as shown on plans. But more importantly, parts of the structure are not outside the 7.5 building set back code compliance.
  • 2575 Camille Dr. Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven

    This guy ripped up his driveway with a Bobcat many years ago. He said he was going to repave it, but he hasn't. There is rebar underneath the weeds. He doesn't exactly live in the house, it's vacant more often than not. He has another home in another state...I've asked Dekalb Co. to talk to him about it, then the city of Brookhaven twice over the past 3-4 years. I've tried talking to him, he is impossible to deal with and refuses to do anything about his driveway because he doesn't want to pay for it!

    Then there is his backyard, he has two old broken down cars. One is an old convertible that houses a wasp nest! I really don't know what to do anymore. Like I said I've reached out to the City since we became a city twice and you guys have done nothing. Is this the correct venue?

    Please advise!

  • 1127 Wimberly Road Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    House falling apart with pieces laying on thr property around the house. We believe that the company owning the property is using the house for storage. It is an eye sore for the entire street and not safe.
  • 1627 Nancy Creek Way Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Long term outdoor storage of an inoperative vehicle. Have never seen this vehicle move in years and very likely does not have current registration.
  • 1515 Sylvan Circle Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    This house is an absolute EYE SORE. It's vacant and situated in the back of a church parking lot. Directly facing the B&G Club- where the parents pick up/drop off their kids (!!!). This house is a terrible first impression for an otherwise charming street.
  • 1302 Sunland Drive Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    the home located at 1302 Sunland Drive on the corner of Sunland and Shadecrest has been abandoned and has the electrical power removed. The yard is overgrown with a lot of unwanted wildlife nesting there. The front trees are so overgrown you cannot drive out of Shadecrest and turn left or right with a clear view, and turning left onto Shadecrest is dangerous, because you cannot see if anyone is on the street. Dangerous situation.
  • 2149-2199 Pine Cone Ln Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Weeds are head high, growing out into street.
  • 2820 Georgian Drive West Chamblee, GA 30341, USA - Brookhaven
    Landscape crew blew all the yard debris into the street after being asked not to blow it into Georgian Hills Park.
  • 2909 Parkridge Drive Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    This is a picture of dirt that was dumped on 2909 Parkridge Drive today. In it please notice the tire, part of a staircase bannister and other trash. The other piles had lots of bricks, cement and a old skill saw blade. Who knows what else. I fear they will be using this as fill dirt to build on. I don’t think this is proper code. Please help me in alerting the proper authorities including Brookhaven city and Dekalb county board of health. Thank you.
  • OtherReconnu
    2554 Drew Valley Rd Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven

    I do not know how to categorize this issue - and am unsure of the appropriate contact.

    Somebody who was apparently clearing a lot decided to dump their bamboo and other yard debris in front of my property while I was out of town. I returned home to find this (pictured) along my property and partially obstructing the sidewalk.

    DeKalb Sanitation does not pick up debris left by contractors and I assume this might be why they have not picked this up.