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    1-99 S High St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    Hole in city-owned chain link fence. Teenagers have been using this to access the 25' high granite ledge behind the Beebe School. This is a major safety hazard - on the other side of the fence is a shear cliff drop to asphalt behind the school. Neighborhood preschoolers play in the area, and it presents a danger.
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    366–398 Lynn Fells Pkwy Melrose MA 02176, United States - Melrose
    The walk button
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    8 Stratford Road Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    Privet hedge at 8 Stratford persistently obstructing use of sidewalk. This is a corner lot and the hedge is along Upham Street. This hedge is continuously trimmed to "lean out" over the sidewalk and significantly obstruct the "vertical space" over the sidewalk. It also creates a significant blind driveway safety hazard.
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    Leeds St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    Sidewalk ends halfway down Leeds street, forcing strollers & pedestrians into the road. Sidewalk extends halfway from Youle St. and stops at the house on the corner.
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    94 Cochrane St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    stop sign is knocked over at corner of pearl and cochrane
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    Grove St & Lebanon St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    The timing on the lights at the Lebanon&Grove intersection is terrible. Grove Street traffic only has a green light for a few seconds while Lebanon Street stays green for at least a full minute, even when there is no traffic on Lebanon Street at all.
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    105 Maple St Melrose MA 02176, United States - Melrose
    Area around water marker has been wet ?
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    Fellsway E & Washington St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    Weeds at intersection are tall and block view of cars coming on fellsway.
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    Seaview Park - Melrose
    Patches of invasive Japanese Knotweed growing at corner of Beech St. and Water St. at the head of the Seaview Trail conservation land.
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    145 Sewall Woods Rd Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    dumping of yard waste in Sewall woods park. this is a recurring issue. this latest one was within the last 48 hours. I believe this is from the blue/grey house across the street based in landscaping and timing.
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    11 Briggs St Melrose 02176, United States - Melrose
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    442 Lebanon St Melrose MA 02176, United States - Melrose
    Converting a 2 family house into a 4 family. Digging out the basement floor connecting new sewer pipes.
    Converting third floor into illegal apartment.
    Installed new door leading out to Roof top deck that does not have the 2x8 supports with no permit.