City of Danville PLUS

Open Issues: 3 Closed Issues: 26,688 Acknowledged Issues: 92
  • Damaged curbAcknowledged
    307 Southland Dr Danville 24541, United States - Danville
    Collapsed/crumbled concrete pad on sewage overflow drain
  • Damaged curbAcknowledged
    243 Robinwood Pl Danville, VA 24540, USA - Danville
    This has been messed up for quite some time but after the trash was picked up last Friday it has gotten worse. I'm worried someone is going to get hurt due to this damage.
  • Damaged sidewalksAcknowledged
    166 Montague Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    A large sink hole is forming under the sidewalk in front of the driveway.
  • Damaged sidewalksAcknowledged
    166 Montague Street Danville, VA - Danville
    A sinkhole is forming under the sidewalk. A crew came and filled it with sand but with all of the recent rain, most of the sand has washed away.
  • Damaged sidewalksAcknowledged
    45 Glen Oak Dr Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    Broken sidewalk at 45 Glen Oak Drive. Close to Schoolfield church of the brethren.
  • 276 Little Creek Rd Danville 24540, United States - Danville
  • 146 Canterbury Rd Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    There is a 4 way stop sign at the intersection of Canterbury Rd and Surry lane. I have lived at 146 Canterbury Rd. for right at 3 years. I am in my yard almost every day work. More and more, and on a average of 5 to 8 times a day the stop signs on each side of Canterbury are ignored. Both cars and trucks speed through these stops signs. When GW and Averett are in full session, it is more frequent. On Thursday of last week a "yellow" city truck blew through the stop sign going towards West Main.
    We have lots of families walking Canterbury and Surry, families strolling their "little Ones", and people walking their dogs daily. This on going running of these stop signs dangerous for all.
    I am asking "public works" to do one of a couple things. One is to paint white lines at each stop sign at this intersection, as well as put the word "stop" at the lines at each stop sign on Canterbury. This is where the most frequent running of the stop sign occurs. The other request would be to put speed bumps before the stop signs on Canterbury, as well as paint white lines before the stop signs. The last request is to put up speed limit signs on Canterbury. Being that Canterbury is a connection from Memorial Dr. to West Main St., as well as a well traveled street for Averett University students, there are frequent speeders.
    I appreciate the cities time with this matter, and hope this will be addressed in a timely manner as it is important in keeping this area safe and user friendly.
    Mike Moss, 146 Canterbury Road
  • 138 Scales St Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    100 block of Scales St is in need of re-paving. years of run-off, damage by city plows (and tow trucks to remove plows when they run off road) have left street with divots and cracks. request city repair and re-pave block.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    305 Oakwood Cir Danville 24541 United States - Danville
    Low hanging limbs causing traffic issues and dead limbs over Street are safety concern.
  • CrosswalkAcknowledged
    600 Craghead St Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    It is my understanding there used to be a crosswalk from the Farmers' Market to Ballad Brewing/the apartments there. Crossing the street is terribly unsafe for pedestrians, especially with the cars paralleled parked on the side of the road. Pedestrians can't see cars when crossing and cars can't see pedestrians.
  • 1064 Riverside Dr Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    When traveling east on Riverside Drive and making a U-turn at crossover to go west to enter into 1064 Riverside Drive there is a tree in the median is blocking the line of sight to safely make the u-turn. Also a turning lane needs to be installed as well.
  • TreesAcknowledged
    King St Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    low hanging branches