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  • Lynn Court Darien ct - Springdale
    Lynn court is in terriblke shape. There are many cracks thruogh out the street affecting the conditions of many resident driveways. Two storm drains are sinking which is a major concern for parents of the many young children on the street. Nearby streets that weren't in bad shape have been paved while ours continue to decline and now personal property is being effected.
  • I-95 Exit 8 And Elm St. Stamford, CT - Downtown
    At the end of the Elm St. exit ramp, there are two right turn lanes for vehicles turning right onto Elm St. I have had several close calls with vehicles in the far right turn lane rounding the corner and nearly crashing into me as they cut across to the left lanes on Elm St as they round the turn. I am in the second lane from the right, intending to stay in that lane as I make my turn onto Elm St. There should be dotted lane markings to indicate that cars in the far right turning lane should stay in the far right lane as they enter Elm St. People cut across 2 or 3 lanes to the left lane without signalling or anything, and it is dangerous.
  • Intersection Of Canal St. And Dock St. Stamford, CT - South End
    I commute on the 27 bus (Shippan). Most evenings on the way back to the Transportation Center, the bus has to wait through several traffic light cycles to get through this intersection because vehicles on Canal St. are blocking the box, often blocking the entire intersection so that none of the westbound vehicles on Canal St. can get through when they have the green light. The police need to stand on the corners of this intersection during evening rush hour and hand out pre-written tickets until drivers get the message and stop blocking the box. It is illegal, but it is not being enforced. This intersection is a chronic mess during evening rush hour because of this poor driver behavior.
  • 181-199 West Ave Stamford, CT 06902, USA - West Side
    Very bad pothole in shadow impossible to see at night. Many vehicles driving into hole suffering damage.
  • Bouton St Stamford, Connecticut - Newfield

    The pot hole is located on Bouton ST West, right at the traffic light before Hope ST. It’s a very hard hit. Almost broke a wheel. Please fix it ASAP.

    Thank you

  • 2nd Street Stamford, Connecticut - Downtown
    There is a pothole getting bigger every day. It is located about 100 feet from the corner of Summer Streets and 2nd Street on 2nd Street,. It is just outside the garage exit of the Metropolitan high rise condo complex.
  • North St /Bedford St Intersection Stamford, Connecticut - Downtown
    manhole in sunken in and creates driving hazard
  • Route 1 Northbound Right Lane Before Whitmore Lane Stamford, Connecticut - West Side
    there is a very deep pothole my car just sunk in it felt like I lost a car tire it was that deep in the right lane before the Palm Beach tanning salon
  • Morgan Street Stamford, Connecticut - Downtown
    The mid-block painted crosswalks on Morgan Street have faded terribly. I nearly got run down in one of them twice by school buses. Which brings up another issue. There is a lot of speeding on Morgan Street between Hoyt St. and Strawberry Hill CT, even the school buses speed. I hear cars and motorcycles rev their engines just after turning onto Morgan Street and peeling up the block. How about installing some speed bump crosswalks? I have seen speed bumps in other neighborhoods. This is a very densely populated street with a lot of children and pedestrians.
  • Wardwell St Stamford, Connecticut - Cove-East Side

    Lots of horrible pot holes on Wardwell st off Shippan av going to

    soundview ave, please do something about it.

  • 37 Ocean Dr N Stamford 06902, United States - Shippan
  • Spruce And Albion Street Bridgeport, Connecticut - Downtown
    Can we get on a regular schedule for street sweeping? Don't know why these 2 streets are not done on a regular basis. Place looks like a dump.
    Also over grown weeds on the old armory building. Can that be cleaned up? Thank you.