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City of Sandy Springs

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  • 2690 Dunwoody Club Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    9:00 PM on Sunday evening. Air conditioning units are whining like a jet engine. Can hear inside of my living room. These units need to be repaired and need a sound barrier.
  • 8080 Habersham Waters Rd Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Neighbor piling yard waste and debris between lots. Causing a rat, mouse and snake problem. Continues to pile additional grass clippings and waste each week. My house washer noted several mice this week when he was pressure washing.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    11:00PM on Saturday evening. Very loud and groaning air conditioning units at Life Center Ministries. This is a nuisance. So loud, cannot sleep. This is excessive. City Code Enforcement needs to address this nuisance.
  • 2690 Dunwoody Club Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    Loud groaning air conditioning units at Life Center Ministries can be heard out on Ryefield Drive. This is a noise nuisance and a violation of City Code. Can be heard at 9:30 PM at night. Please enforce the code and stop this nuisance.
  • 2690 Mount Vernon Rd Sandy Springs 30338, United States - Sandy Springs
    The loud buzzing coming from the back of LCM is back. Please resolve this.
  • 7640 Ryefield Dr Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Dumping of stone and concrete from construction work in side yard. Will attract vermin.
  • 320 Amador Cir Ne Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Ladders, supplies, equipment should be screened with an enclosed fence or vegetative screen.
  • 6597 Long Acres Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Address of this location is approximate due to the lack of a mailbox I didn't find the address of this property. The 6 foot plus tall weeds are pretty obvious please ask this property owner to abide by code enforcement for tall grass and weeds
  • 291-297 Abernathy Rd Ne Sandy Springs GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Political Sign in the right of way
  • 6650 Williamson Dr Ne Sandy Springs 30328, United States - Sandy Springs
    6660 williamson
  • 5501 Glenridge Dr. Apt. 951 Atlanta GA 30342 - Sandy Springs
    Water has been coming inside of unit 951 since February. Leasing office has yet to issue permanent solution. Flooring is soaked right now. 8/20/18
  • Ridgemere Trce Nw Sandy Springs, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Dump trucks dumping loads at Rockhaven development site on Mitchell Rd at 8:00 in the evening. Rockhaven is not a good neighbor. They ignore working hours on a regular basis. On Tuesday morning at 7:00AM they started up their equipment and started work. Are they're any consequences for their continued failure to comply with your regulations. Do you people enforce any of your regulations.