Garden City PLUS

Open Issues: 134 Closed Issues: 1,946 Acknowledged Issues: 90
  • Parks/PlaygroundsAcknowledged
    55 Commercial Ave. Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Large piles of leaves next to 55 Commercial Ave. need to be cleaned up. Possibly dumped there illegally. Large pile of leaves on Commercial Ave. and in the park land next to that address. Also across from 55 Commercial the land needs to be cleaned of leaves and there's many small trees that need to be pruned. Con Kel does this area and hasn't done a good job - area is generally a mess.
  • Parks/PlaygroundsAcknowledged
    97 14th St. Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Clean up the leaves on the mall area of 14th St. and Cherry Valley Ave. tons of leaves - needs one more good fall clean up. Con Kel came but it's still a mess all along that area.
  • Parks/PlaygroundsAcknowledged
    Golf Club Lane Garden City, New York - Garden City
    The grass area between the curb line and the golf course fence is all overgrown with grass, weeds and brush and needs to be cut and trimmed back as it is difficult to see when driving down this road. Area is full of leafs and piles of leafs.
  • Parks/PlaygroundsAcknowledged
    On Hilton Ave. Between 11th St. And 9th St. Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Multiple piles of leaves in front of various homes on Hilton Ave. between 11th St. and 9th St.
  • Parks/PlaygroundsAcknowledged
    17 Somerset Ave Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Rotted wood below roof of fieldhouse
  • 80 St. James St. South Garden City, New York - Garden City
    large amount of leaves dumped on the island across from 80 St. James St. South
  • 177 7th St Garden City, NY 11530, USA - Garden City
    lifting plank board in bench
  • 37 Magnolia Avenue Garden City, New York - Garden City
    On the Green Space along Long Island Rail Road a pile of Asphalt was dumped over 9 months ago and a safety cone placed on top of it. No one has ever returned to remove the debris even though village employees pass the mound every day. There is no reason for the pile to be there
  • 990 Franklin Ave. Garden City, New York - Garden City
    No leaves have been cleaned up at all so far this year in front of and in the rear parking lot of 990 Franklin Ave. tons of small piles all over causing a drainage hazard and making it difficult to park and shop.
  • Commerical Ave. Between Clinton Rd. And Gc Border Nassau , New York - Garden City
    Lots of garbage, trash, litter, rubbish/debris in the bushes and along the green space all along Commercial Ave. between Clinton Rd. to the GC border of Uniondale.
  • 41 Laurel St Garden City, NY, 11530, USA - Garden City
    Huge pothole filled with water end of laurel and old country road
  • 135 Stewart Ave Garden City, NY, 11530, USA - Garden City
    Water cap on my front curb from somewhere on Stewart Avenue. Just an unnecessary hazard placed on curb in front of 135 Stewart Avenue. Cap is small but looks heavy (6 inches wide?).