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Treasure Island, Florida

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  • 86th Ave Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island

    Sec. 50-5. - Prohibited parking of commercial vehicles.

    (a) Prohibited parking during nighttime. No person shall park a commercial vehicle on any public property or public right-of-way within the city at any time during nighttime, or allow such commercial vehicle to remain on any public property or public right-of-way during nighttime.

    No more than one vehicle related to the home occupation shall be permitted upon the premises. Such vehicle must be 20 feet or less in overall length and must be parked off any public right-of-way. All exterior storage of cargo, equipment or other materials on such vehicle shall be shielded from view at all times when such vehicle is located on a residential lot.

  • Codes ComplianceAcknowledged
    11225 2nd St E Treasure Island 33706, United States - Treasure Island
    Code violation
  • 109 125th Ave Treasure Island 33706, United States - Treasure Island
    Every time it rains we have flooding. I posted this a year ago and was told it would be repaired when the city does some work at the little park at 125th and Lagoon lane.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    107th Ave Saint Petersburg, FL, 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    The recently installed and recently repaired bricks around the clock tower circle are sinking again in multiple areas both east and west bound lanes.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    12412 Lagoon Ln Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    Depression is around storm drain before the boat ramp at 123 ave
  • Cross WalksAcknowledged
    West Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Various locations- Crosswalk signs should include "STATE LAW YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS", regularly out of state car drivers think it's their "option" to yield or just drive through a crosswalk,
  • Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Jay-walking: Ongoing problem with tourists and residents alike crossing outside of crosswalks (sometimes just a few feet away). This puts the pedestrians in danger and causes ignorant motorists to abruptly stop in traffic because they think they have to let people (who aren't in a crosswalk) cross the street. Crosswalk laws are enforced for motorists who don't stop, they need to be enforced for jay-walkers who don't use the crosswalks. This is a dangerous situation that is not currently being sufficiently handled by the the Police.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    Around 60 Dolphin Dr. Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Dumping debris in the bay.
  • 12408 Lagoon Ln Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    park area at lagoon and 125 has cars parking overnight. also a boat has been parked there for over 2 weeks
  • 11921 Lagoon Ln Saint Petersburg, FL, 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    The property owner does not do the minimum of trimming her sabal palms to keep rats out of her trees. There are 18 palm trees that extend well over her property line that she has not trimmed in close to 3 years. Because of her negligence the trees are over run with rats which run havoc once the sun sets. She says that trimming fronds is harmful to the trees, so are rats. Though she keeps the two palm trees on either side of her front door perfectly manicured. She hired a arborist to say "there are no rats". He is completely unethical because there are an abundance of rats. She then paid him to plant bamboo. Treasure Island is a beautiful place that does not need an abundance of rats for the tourism. She should trim them once a year. And it should be a real trim job not just the dead fronds.
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    9701 1st Street Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Please may we have the parking patrols on weekends? On weekends, especially on Sundays, unauthorized parking is increasingly occuring in "NO PARKING" and "TOW AWAY" vacant lots surrounding the 89-space parking lot at 9701 1st St. When the 89-space paid parking lot is filled, others park for free within the lot along the curb, and others take advantage of tow away and no parking meadows to park for free, without ticketing or towing.
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    9615 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island , Florida - Treasure Island

    Nearly every in the Treasure Bay Apartment complex is infested with cochroaches. The owners have not taken the proper measures to eliminate the bugs from the building and it is presenting a serious health hazard.

    Residents report seeing roaches in the day time as well, meaning that there is overcrowding in the roach nest.