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To whom it may concern,
We just had several hours of rain this last Thursday and my entire street was flooded, including my driveway and garage. The two street drains were OVERWHELMED and OVER CAPACITY. These two little drains are totally inadequate for our long street, that receives tremendous storm water runoff from 54th Ave North. The water accumulates on 54th Ave N, and runs downhill down my street, flooding many neighbors’ driveways, front yards, and garages. My driveway and garage experiences tremendous flooding during a rainstorm, due to the county’s inadequate street drainage.

I previously complained, and nothing was done. I couldn’t even speak with a live person. This last Thursday water got into my garage, causing visible water damage, mold, and property damage. I’ve already had to replace wrotten/damaged drywall in my garage due to high water levels during a rainstorm.

Proper street gutters and larger street drains would solve this problem. Thank you for your help.

Warmest regards,
Victor Bard

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