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  • 7631 62nd Way N Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Mosquitoes are out in full force. Can't open my front door to walk inside without them getting in the house. Please help!
  • 2864 Deer Run N Clearwater, Florida - Northwood Estates
    Mosquitoes by the dozens are congregating by the front door and coming into the house as soon as we open the door. They are present in other areas of the front and back yard as well.
  • Enterprise Road Dog Park Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    The problem is extremely severe. I am a professional writer and find it impossible to overstate this. Everyone is miserable. There are pregnant ladies with their dogs afraid of Zika. People say they have called you and you said you won't do anything about it because there is some kind of irrigation problem. Please, I implore you, reconsider, and spray thoroughly. We're dying out there. It's truly unbearable.
  • Pothole Open
    28th St/46th Ave N st petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    on the west side of 28th St/46th Ave N there is a pot hole approx. 18 in across and 12 in deep in the line of traffic, growing quickly
  • 4870 Cardinl Trail Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    bird sanctuary is flooded and mosquitos are put of control need to be sprayed
  • 2835 Park St North st petersburg , Florida - Jungle Terrace
    Mosquitos are EXTREMELY bad & also walking at the park Walter Fuller
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    3172 Cypress Green Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Red Honda with expired tags has been parked in Right of Way front of house for a couple months. I don't think it runs. Needs to be towed, eyesore.
  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    4307 71st St N Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 7
    A bag of glass bottles fell off a garbage truck and broke all over the road at 7:10 this morning. Cars are swerving around and there is glass all over.
  • 4423 Fallbrook Blvd Palm Harbor, Florida - East Lake
    Mosquitoes are on both front and back of houses here. Really heavy amount in rear of house. All over ACR is JS and getting inside lanai although being careful. Biting at dusk and dawn.
  • 3335 38th Ave N SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida - Commission District 7
    Excessive mosquitos especially at gate area near rail road tracks. early morning and early evening
  • 6385 150th Avenue North Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    On 150th Ave N just east of US-19 Frontage Rd, there is a 30 MPH sign that was hit a few weeks ago in an accident that is just leaning against a pole and not in the ground like it used to be. As well, on the north side of 150th Ave N on the side driveway for Chevy, there is a small faded No Trespassing City of Largo sign that looks like it needs to be replaced as it is hard to see. The sign is just to the east of the pull in driveway that is along 150th Ave N for Chevy near a clump of trees.
  • 924 55th Street South Gulfport, Florida - Gulfport
    mosquito's from the schools pond are very bad.
  • 1864 Bugle Lane Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    Bad mosquito problem
  • 455 Alternate 19 S Palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    I wanted to add that I cannot actually speak for the entire complex, however where I live in building L (in the back) and backs up to a canal/creek/waterway so it may actually be worse near my building.
  • 455 Alternate 19 S Palm Harbor/Pinellas, Florida - Palm Harbor
    The problem is very bad all throughout the Harbor Club Condiminium complex. They get inside as quickly as you enter yore home and close your door.
  • Ditch Obstruction Acknowledged
    102nd Avenue North largo, Florida - Commission District 6
    Several trees have fallen into the canal on 102nd Avenue N. They are blocking the water flow into the bypass canal. Please come and remove the dead trees.
  • 416 N. Missouri Ave Clearwater, Florida - Country Club Estates
    mosquitoes swarming around front door cannot even come in without getting bit
  • 1140 Drew Street Clearwater, Florida - Country Club Estates
  • 6300 25th Way South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
  • 311-315 Jasmine Way Clearwater, Florida - Harbor Oaks