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  • 14999 U.S. 19 Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    There is almost a truck (Ford F-150 or similar with a dealer tag) parked on the sidewalk in front of the AutoWize Auto Sales that blocks the view of cars trying to exit 150th Ave N to go north of Frontage Rd. This truck also blocks the sidewalk for pedestrians so now they are at risk going around in the roadway. This dealership has cars all over, very dangerous.
  • 2431 34th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - Commission District 7
    The mosquitoes are super bad already. There is no standing water but lots of shade and plants. Is it possible to fog the surrounding area?
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    32180 Us Highway 19 N Palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor


    This is a massive pothole that is causing damage to
    The vehicles in the shopping center and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • 9605 62nd Avenue N St. Petersburg, Florida - Seminole
    There is a black (may have some white coloring too) dog, looks like a pit bull mix or lab mix, that has been accessing our property from one of the neighboring yards to the south of our property. It does not come on the property every day. We recently were doing some work on the tidal stream area that is at the edge of our property line in that area and the contractors said they saw the dog about every other day. Not sure how friendly it is because nobody could get the dog to come close enough to them.
    The dog seems to be accessing our property from the areas a property located at 9605 62nd Avenue North The property seems to be over grown with brush along the fence line so I am not sure how well the fence has been maintained.
  • 1444 Overcash Dr Dunedin, FL, 34698, USA - Dunedin
    Damaged garage door is falling apart and can be seen from the road. There may be addition exterior repair issues.
  • 2681 Westchester Drive North Clearwater, Florida - Clubhouse Estates
    The line of 5 ft+ tall shrubs that run along the southbound sidewalk of Countryside Blvd on the 2681 Westchester Dr N property are overgrown to the point only a narrow part of sidewalk can be used. They need trimmed back.
  • 10222 114th Terrace Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    The back yard is full of diaper trash, the dog they left when they moved ripped all the trash up all over. Theres rats and vermin raiding the remains at night. I have called animal control about the conditions they left their dog in (who has recently been removed from the property) The truck in the car port has been inoperable for years. They left an inoperable motorcycle in the yard. Trash everywhere. Homeowner has shown no effort to clean it up
  • 5405 49th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33709, USA - West and East Lealman
    The crosswalk signal is not working when trying to cross 49th St.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    2280 E Greenhollow Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Sidewalk around manhole cover and adjacent area is crumbling away and becoming a hazard.
  • Road Issue Closed
    Alt 19 & Delaware Ave Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Both street lights are out at the crosswalk for the high school. Today I saw a kid press the button for the blinking lights, a car stopped and waited but didn’t see a 2nd kid on a bike and went through the crosswalk. The 2nd kid would have been hit if he wasn’t paying attention and thought he was safe because the blinking lights were still going. Please get these lights back on. It’s not safe for our kids now that it’s dark at 7:00 in the morning.
  • Stormdrain Issues Acknowledged
    489 Waterford Cir Tarpon Springs, Florida - East Lake
    Dirt around storm drain is caving in. Dog fell in.
    be careful when looking for it is sinking and you can not see it from the top.
  • 1229 4th St S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    Homeless and druggies living and hanging out under the Booker Creek bridge AGAIN on the side of the eye sore of a shopping center. Will we EVER feel safe to WALK our own neighborhood?
  • 1101 Pinellas Avenue Tarpon Springs, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    the light is too short going north and south on pinellas avenue/alt 19 and it backs up at all times of the day all the way through tarpon to tarpon ave and in the other direction all the way to klosterman rd. and all the light in between tarpon ave and meres should all be green at the same time to clear out that whole stretch of road.
  • 846 Curlew Road Dunedin, Florida - Dunedin
    North and south bound is always backed up because the light doesnt stay green long enough . its so frustrating
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    8791 Quail Rd Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    They have a fence up right along the roadway. Thought it had to be 15' from the roadway from what I was told years ago.
  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    Northridge CLEARWATER, Florida - Clearwater
    Finally had large dip in road fixed (thanks) but now you've created a patch of bumpy road , poor asphalt job as now you have an annoying bump in the road located South side of Curlew Rd just West of the corner of Northridge , please fix & level the road please , Thanks again
  • 15964-16090 49th St N Clearwater, FL, 33762, USA - Commission District 5

    I’m speaking on the behalf of all of my neighbors, not just myself. Mosquitos are terrible everyday all day. There are lot of trees across from our homes that have standing water along with them. No one is able to be outside without being bit up. This isn’t a problem with our homes, I believe it’s due to the standing water within the trees. I have no buckets or puddles of water in my back yard and the grass is cut. There needs to be a spray or something to help get this mosquito issue under control. This is becoming too much as my kids want to be outside but can’t or else they’ll be devoured by mosquitos.

    Please HELP!

    (Please inspect the trees in front of our homes)

  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    6159 56th Pl N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33709, USA - Commission District 7
    Road seriously
  • pothole Closed
    50 Kendra Way palm harborf, Florida - Palm Harbor
    This is my 3rd request now the pothole has damaged my car the hole is at the second entrance to providence apts next to a manhole I want someone from the City to look at my car and assess the damages This could have been avoided. A speedy reply is needed
  • 2570 33rd Ave N St Petersburg/Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 7
    the pool in the back yard is black and has stuff growing in it. I live across the street and the mosquitos are terrible. this has been going on for a long time and it needs to be corrected STAT and we need you to spay around the house