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Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 75,580
  • Pothole Open
    10411 Ulmerton Road Largo, Florida - Commission District 6
  • 1-47 36th Avenue Saint Pete Beach, Florida - St. Pete Beach
    Water leak on the corner of Casalanca Ave and 36th Ave in St Pete Beach.
  • 10522 122nd Ave Pinellas Park, Florida - Commission District 5
    piles of junk, trash and debris on yard
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    14048 Crane Terr Clearwater, Florida - Feather Sound
    Very overgrown grass front lawn
  • 150-154 Grace Street Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Grace Street is in desperate need of repair. The drainage on the street is poor, and every time it rains we get more and more washouts. The potholes get deeper and ruts get wider. It hasn't been repaved in what appears to be decades judging by the deteriorated asphalt, and haphazard patches and crushed shell/concrete used to fill divots. Please let me know what the planned course of action/repair is. It has gone unaddressed for too long.
  • 6780 28th St S St Petersburg, FL - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    We recently purchased our home and the previous tenants did not keep up with the koi pond in the back of our house. We have a lot of mosquitos, more than normal. There are gates to the back, but I do not have them locked. I was told I could request a treatment.
  • Road Issue Closed
    46th Ave N And Bay Pines Blvd seminole, Florida - Bay Pines
    way too many accidents here since walmart was built , any thoughts of a traffic light here ? thank you , another one tonite
  • Stormdrain Issues Acknowledged
    10924 124th Avenue North Seminole, Florida - Commission District 5
    The storm drain has a break underground (east of my driveway) and there is a deep hole where the ground is collapsing. I have lived here 37 years and it has happened before. Received a letter from the county that the drainage on this street was to be upgraded this year, it has not happened yet...
  • 2018 N Pointe. Alexis Dr Tarpon springs, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    I found mosquitoes breeding yesterday in my back yard bird feeder to stop the problem I put down the regulator pellets I left the dead larvae in there to be examined but I fear a lot of my mosquito problem is coming from the common ground retention pond and swale behind my house which is currently full of water
  • Vonn And Walsingham Largo, Florida - Largo
    we sat at the turn light to turn left through 2 cycles behind another truck. after the second signal the truck in front of us ran the red light and we were able to make our left hand turn. On multiple occasions I have sat through this light for more than 1 cycle and I have never seen the left turn arrow flash yellow as the sign says.
  • 366 Ventura Dr Oldsmar/Pinellas, Florida - Oldsmar
    Can't walk dog at night. As soon as I go out the front door, the mosquito start biting. I believe the field across the street is a problem area, as well.
  • 529 Lakeview Drive Clearwater, Florida - Oldsmar
    House backs the the preserve. Problem is really bad from 11am thru 11 pm.. Needs fogging ..
  • 10380 42nd St N Clearwater, Florida - Pinellas Park
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    13545 102 Ter Largo, Florida - Commission District 6
    Someone from the county recently orange painted my sidewalks and the end of my driveway. This is the 3rd time in the last few years this has been done but nobody ever comes to fix and the paint just fades. I am especially concerned about getting sued about the tree root raising the drive. We have zero funds to fix. A neighbor tripped and fell off it once and it tears up the bottom of cars. Any help and time line appreciated. Thanks Jim Wright
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    4034 Carlyle Lakes Blvd Palm harbor/punellas, Florida - East Lake
    Sidewalk slab is uneven. I tripped and injured my arm and knee. A neighbor broke a couple of ribs in the same spot a number of months ago but didn't report it.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2900-2924 Tanglewood Trail Palm Harbor, Florida - East Lake
    Hard to drive around this one! The road surface had previously been repaired an dis breaking down again.
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    1255 Bass Blvd Dunedin, Florida - Commission District 2
    Old tv in front of property. Property seems to lack basic maintenance.
  • 4040 Bay Pines Lakes Boulevard Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 6
    The large palm tree in the median at the intersection of Bay Pines Lakes Blvd and 54th Ave has palm fronds that hang into the roadway. The fronds scrape against the roof of cars/trucks and make it very difficult to go through the area with any vehicle of significant but road legal height. Please cut the tree back. Thank you.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    9805 Pine Lake Trail st. petersburg, Florida - Commission District 6
    The sidewalk in front of the walk way to my home is in need of repair. It is a trip hazard to people using the sidewalk. Thank you.
  • 1400 Tarpon Woods Boulevard Palm Harbor, Florida - East Lake
    The new lanes at the bridge are very narrow! When two trucks are on at same time it seems like it is 1/2 inch apart. Also when a bicyclist is on the bridge/roadway and a vehicle, there is zero room/clearance which makes for very dangerous situation.