Pinellas County Neighbor

  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    1317 52nd Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33703 - Shore Acres Civic Association
    We have a severe mosquito infestation to the point we can't let our children go outside. We have lived here 11 years and this is the worst it's ever been. Our entire cul de sac could definitely use the treatment.
  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    6060 16th Ln Ne Saint Petersburg FL 33703, United States - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Huge infestation of mosquitoes Massive amounts entering house anytime a door is open for a moment
  • Traffic Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Tarpon Lake Blvd & Windmill Pointe Rd East Lake, FL, 34685, USA - East Lake
  • Tree Issue Closed
    518-590 Lora Ln East Lake, FL, 34688, USA - East Lake
    Tree down on County ROW ON east side of Lora Ln.
  • Tree Issue Closed
    3752 Old Keystone Rd Tarpon Springs, Florida, 34688 - East Lake
    Big tree branch in ROW.
  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    8798 Rose Terrace Seminole, FL 33777, USA - US Congressional District FL10
  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    809 58th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg FL 33703, United States - Edgemoor Neighborhood Association
  • County Park Issue Acknowledged
    N Mayo St Palm Harbor, FL, 34681, USA - Palm Harbor
    Please add garbage cans. Too many visitors and too few trash cans. They were removed when covid started and never returned.
  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    950 Gilford St Oldsmar, Florida, 34677 - Oldsmar
    Mosquitos are bad around entire perimeter of property specifically worse near preserve.
  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    172 Mobbly Bay Dr Oldsmar, Florida, 34677 - Oldsmar
    We have lived at this address for 3 years and never seen or been bitten by as many mosquitos as we have this year. They are big too.
  • 14000 63rd Way N Largo, FL, 33760, USA - Largo
  • Steeplechase Ln Palm Harbor, Florida, 34684 - Palm Harbor
  • 2131-2199 26th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood Association
    On the bike lane, heading west on 26th Ave S, near Union St, the bike lane was dug up, but the asphalt was never replaced leaving a dangerous patch of gravel.
  • 31st St S St. Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - St. Petersburg
    There is sink hole on the bike lane heading south on 31st South between Desoto Way and 46 Ave S.
  • 5824 16th Ln Ne Saint Petersburg FL 33703, United States - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Mosquitoes are HORRIBLE I know they came and fogged the back the other day but it hasn't made a difference
  • Mosquito Control Acknowledged
    5534 Atlantic Ave N Saint Petersburg FL 33703, United States - Edgemoor Neighborhood Association
  • War Veterans Memorial Park Bay Pines, FL, 33708, USA - Bay Pines

    Charter businesses using the ramp and docks has created an influx of cars parking in dedicated truck/trailer parking spots. Making the facilities unusable for the boating community due to no parking for truck/trailer rigs.

    No enforcement of posted parking signage for truck/trailer spots being used by cars only.

  • 233 43rd Ave Ne Saint Petersburg FL 33703, United States - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Ridiculous amount of mosquitoes please send inspection team or spray
  • 3725 18th St N St Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - Oakwood Gardens Neighborhood Association
    dead cat in road near abandon vehicle curbside on 36th Ave N just east of 18th St N
  • Tree Issue Closed
    Largo Glass - Wyatt Street
    Leaving the parking lot, turning left to go northbound towards E. Bay Dr., this bush blocks the view of those trying to turn left. You cannot see the oncoming traffic going southbound. Very hard to judge. This bush just needs to be trimmed.