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i was robbed. Open

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i was robbed by dylan wain of so.coast home repair.,i asked for a handyman and got robbed by two weasels, but dylan w. wanted the check made out to him, they were supposed to change 5 doors, paint 4 small closets and plywood a attic floor., they only changed 3 doors and that was it, they charged me $5,876.00, i asked for my money back several times, the little they did will have to be corrected as the doors dont fit properly., these guys are just someones husband trying to answer a call, they dont know what they're doing, the bulk head door colapses in the middle and you can put your hand thru the bottom on both sides, water and rodents can easily come in, the basement door door does not fit either, even with that door completely closed, i can see if a light is on in the basement for the gap around the door, dylan wain pretended to be a contractor, pretended to work for brewster ambulance service, i called them, they happily released him quite a while back, ....his friend and partner troy, another weasel....told me his wife wants a hot tub, happy wife, happy life., thats what he said to me, ...i wouldnt know, i never had a wife but i am a woman and i'm recently retired and i know if a man were here, they wouldnt be treating me this way., i want every senior, and every working man and woman, espically if you live in taunton and try to support local business, beware of south coast home repair, they took my money and they go to sleep every night knowing that., ive filed a police report in new bedford where i live as i think this is larceny, i filed a claim in small claims court, i reported him, them to the bbb, the attorney gen. office of consumer complaints, the commission, and the agency who sent me so.coast home repair., these are two obviously never did construction people, they dont know how to replace doors as i can send you pictures of what they did, they did know how to scam me out of $5,876.00 . they dont want to talk about that, troy doesnt want to talk about that, dylan said he didnt have my money, he had to pay his credit card., i have not heard from these two weasels because they have no intention of giving me my money back, i was robbed and i want you to know what they did and how ive been treated., i think they are two criminals, posing as contractors, posing as men.

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