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Tree Pruning Request


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Bushes in front of 16 Foster Ct are sticking way out into the street.

(FYI: Some men from the city did prune this a couple of weeks ago, but after they left, the man who lives in the blue house next door, came out and broke multiple branches to make them stick out into the street. So it looks like it was never done. I believe he did it to prevent anyone from parking there. He has a history of vandalizing cars that park near his house. )

also asked...
Q. What is the address?
A. 16 Foster Ct.
Q. Is the tree on public or private property?
A. Private
Q. Other - please be as descriptive as possible.
A. Bushes in front of 16 Foster Ct. are sticking way out into the street. No one lives in the house right now.

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