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Signal and Intersection Problem


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Please add signage and blinking lights before Austin Elementary traveling northbound on Roberts Drive similar to the signage/blinking lights that are southbound on Roberts Drive (in the attached photo). Currently, there are “school ahead” signs traveling northbound, but that is no blinking lights. This is not enough for the safety of our children. We should have blinking lights and signage on either side of the schools. This isn’t just for Austin, but any school in our area (or other area). Child safety and car speed is just that important.

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Q. On which street and in which direction is the problem occuring?
A. Roberts Drive - no blinking lights northbound toward Austin Elementary similar to southbound blinking lights
Q. What time of day?
A. School days, one hour prior and one hour after school start/end time
Q. When did you first notice the problem?
A. 1-2 weeks ago.


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