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City of Dunwoody

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  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    3301-3999 Lake Ridge Ln Atlanta, GA, 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    one of the 4 basketball goals at Pernoshal disappeared about a month ago.
  • 4865 Lakeside Drive Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Without sidewalks to support the increase in traffic to the park (due to great improvements!!), there is considerably more foot traffic up and down Lakeside Drive - mainly children. The signage about the park is minimal and the speed limit not enforced. There is a significant safety issue at hand.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    4579-4587 N Shallowford Rd Atlanta, GA, 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Three instances of graffiti on the basketball court closest to the pavilion.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    Dunwoody Trailway Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    There are about 2-3 areas, and also some areas near the grills, in the big greenspace at Pernoshal park (the one closer to N. Shallowford), where the ground was never graded level, and large puddles stay in place for at least 36 hours or so. It would be nice if someone could maybe cut and remove the turf, compact more soil in these areas, replace the turf. Would be especially nice to do this before mosquito season.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    1865-1899 Pointe Place Ave Atlanta, GA, 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Pertains to the main gazebo at Georgetown Park (the one near the bocce courts). On the west side of gazebo, one of the poured slabs has sunken about 3 inches or so into the ground, making it an unsightly trip hazard.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    1834-1998 Kent Ave Atlanta, GA, 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Georgetown Park, lighting on stone wall near fountain has been out for over five months. Reported in April, replied in June fixtures on back order from vendor, what's the plan now? Thanks.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    4373 Old Georgetown Trl Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    Great job on the work going on planting being done in front of the bridge. Now to a ongoing problem. Since the bridge opened up people from across the bridge have been using the strip of land bordering old Georgetown as a bathroom for their dog with no pickup. There is a lot of dog poop and in the summer it stinks and is a health hazard. We need signs remind people to bring a bag and use it. Mention fines. Put the signs on both side of the bridge. It is out of hand and not going to get better if not addressed.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    4400 Dunwoody Park Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    Gang graffiti painted on top of trash receptacle.
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    4475 Fergus Way Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    Contractor did plumbing repair and left debris behind about 3 weeks ago
  • General Park IssueAcknowledged
    4635 Barclay Dr Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Water is leaking from the water fountain and it looks like it is damaging the wood on the building.
  • 4770 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
  • Chronic floodingAcknowledged
    5100-5116 Mount Vernon Way Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    I may not have the location exactly right, but there are two spots in the westbound bike lane that flood chronically and with the least provocation. This presents a danger to bike riders as there could be hidden additional dangers in the standing water (such as glass, road debris, etc) and it causes them to veer into motor vehicle traffic, which presents a danger to both drivers and bike riders. It also creates a negative pedestrian experience. Perhaps this can be fixed to drain correctly? Big thanks.