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Dumpsters near park Đã lưu trữ

Meadow Lane & Shore Rd New Rochelle, NY Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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New Rochelle

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trash, odor, rodents, heat

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Foul smelling, over flowing dumpsters have been placed right next to the park at the corner of Meadow Lane and Pelham Rd. The stench of the dumpsters is over powering in the park. The neighbors there have already been complaining of the odor. It's a concern that bugs, mice and rats or other types of animals will be attracted to the dumpsters and will end up in the park. There are children in the park and this can be a major problem. The dumpsters belong to the new restaurant across the street, Siete Ocho Siete. They need to remove those dumpsters or place them back in the lot across the street, where they were. It's just not right to place all those dumpsters near the park and so close to a residential area. The smell is sickening now in this summer heat.
Thank you

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