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Traffic or Street Sign Issue


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Cars parked on both sides create a roadblock. No parking signs and Red curbs need to be painted on the curb all along the side by the park on Vista. When cars park on both sides of vista it blocks the road so only one lane of traffic can get through. It creates a very dangerous situation, especially given how recklessly most people drive around the corner at Culebra and Vista, cars going in the opposite direction cannot pass each other. There is a blind curve at Culebra and Vista so you cannot see if there is oncoming traffic until both cars are stuck when they cannot pass each other to get through that stretch of road. This could create a roadblock that would prevent emergency vehicles from getting through. This either needs to be a one way only street or no a parking zone needs to be added to this stretch of road.

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Q. What type of sign?
A. no parking signs needed

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