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My stepfather is in a neglected situation I need someone to go and check on him to make sure he is ok. I am his step son Rhodian Bodden he took good care of me when i was young and he didn't have too. I have not been able to contact anyone at the house for days now . I live outside the USA and my nephew would take care of him and keep me informed of what's going on. But my mother enter in to a relationship with a young drifter that is abusive and on one night the drifter was beating my mother my nephew tried to stop him and he was beaten and the drifter had him arrested with my mothers help. I had to fly in and get him bail so he would come out and look after DON Willmann my step father. My mother has neglected him by taking advantage of his Alzheimers and sign over all his assets to her self and she and the drifter spend all of DON's retirement money on drinking while he is in bed not being taken care of. This abusive drifter has taken over DON home. Don should be get care from a nurse at his age but my mother has abandon him to his room .I do not know what is going on for all contact has stop all of a sudden. Please if someone can check on Don Wilmanns welfare and Mark Wilsons who is my nephew caregiver to DON. I am in fear that something bad has happen be cause of the drifter and my foolish mother. Please if someone could go and make should Don is ok .

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