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Pedestrian Safety Study Request Acknowledged

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Pedestrian Safety Study Request


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They are speeding every night. And they also speed late at night waking us up from our sleep.

Second, the sport auto body shop on Mallory Ave and Pollock ave, they parkt their customer cars on the bicycle lane, and sometimes they even double parking on Mallory Ave. It blocks my sight when I am driving, especially when I make a turn. they park their customer cars everywhere on the street, giving the residents a hard time to find a parking at all times.

I think we need some signs such as quiet zone sign and permit parking for the area around Mallory Ave. the city must have come up with any law or rule about the auto shop that parks their customer cars on street all day and even overnight. that is affecting the residents' lives. or at least out permit parking sign around here so we can have parking when we get home from work or on our day off.

and please they are speeding everyday no matter it's day or night.

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