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Item On Public Way - Bulk


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Resident has placed two large trees in pots on the sidewalk, along with multiple cinder blocks Not only is this causing vehicles to unevenly park along the street, it is causing a serious safety hazard for pedestrians, especially those who are ridingga bicycl or pushing a carriage

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Q. Do you know the source?
A. Resident of 8 Gilman st
Q. What is the item?
A. Two very large trees in pots and several cinder blocks
Q. How long has it been there?
A. 3-4 months
Q. Is it obstructing traffic or the sidewalk?
A. Yes It is taking up the majority of the sidewalk and vehicles can't park there
Q. If dumped from a vehicle, provide a description of the vehicle. Include make, model and plate number if possible.
A. No Answer Given
Q. Day and time of dumping if known.
A. No Answer Given

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