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Parking Enforcement Acknowledged

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City of Worcester


Parking Enforcement


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This bus parks here every day & all night for 3 days now. she is blocking the view to go around the corner to Sterling St. the front of the bus is close to our driveway making it difficult to get in or out. she wakes us up with her back up alarms at 9:30pm.

also asked...
Q. What is the plate number of the vehicle (this question MUST be answered if vehicle is suspected of not having a residential parking permit)?
A. No Answer Given
Q. How long has it been parked there?
A. She comes & goes about 3 times a day & stays all night.
Q. What is the color, make, and model of the car in violation?
A. AA Transportation Bus
Q. How is the car parked illegally? (Without a Residential Parking sticker, too close to a driveway, etc.)
A. Blocking view to get around the corner, to close to driveway.

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