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Tree Pruning & Brush Trimming Acknowledged

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Fitchburg, MA


Tree Pruning & Brush Trimming


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The bushes and branches going down our road toward the houses are so overgrown that you cannot see around the corner to know if another car is coming. Two cars cannot pass one another without scraping their cars against all the branches and bushes. The first two
Houses can’t even put their garbage and recycling bins on opposite sides of the road without it being a tight squeeze for even one car to get by. I reported this a while back and the only thing done was trimming branches around our street sign on the corner. This is such a hazard and has been reported multiple times. Can we please have someone come
Clean it up for us? Thank you.

also asked...
Q. Is the tree on city/public property?
A. Yes
Q. Is the branch touching any power lines?
A. Yes
Q. Are any branches low enough to hit people or vehicles?
A. Yes
Q. Can you provide an estimate of the tree's height and diameter ?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Do you feel that the tree needs to be removed?
A. Possibly because the branches are growing back so fast and they aren’t getting trimmed fast enough which is causing such a hazard.

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