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Sidewalk being reclaimed by marsh, creating pedestrian/cycle/motorist hazard Open

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This must be on some Streets engineer's radar already, but I thought I'd report it formally.

The sidewalk that runs along Ave of the Republic is literally turning into a creek. About 40 feet of the sidewalk extending East/SE from Belmont Ave are covered in a constant trickle of water, varying from about 10 inches wide to 3 feet wide. The crosswalk on the Northeast corner is becoming impassible due to mud and debris collecting on the intersection. The stream was off and on last summer, but it's been constant since spring this year.

There has previously been some attempt at remediation, but needless to say further work is necessary.

This is causing an especially hazardous interaction between cyclists or pedestrians traveling West on Ave of the Republic, and turning North from Ave of the Republic onto Belmont. Since the sidewalk is unusable, the only way around it is to walk out onto Belmont ave, continue about 20 feet, and jump over the ditch back onto the sidewalk. Cars drive at speeds up to 50 MPH along Belmont, and there's no shoulder at this intersection. This is an accident waiting to happen.

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