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I thought I had cancelled my membership in 12/2009. Apparently I didn't and have been giving them $20 a month ever since. Oh well that's my bad.

However, not noticing that i was paying this bill each month, when my debit card changed because of a breach somewhere i did not notify WOW that I had a new card. 11 days after my payment did not get made because of the old card on file I receive a call completely out of the blue from a debt collection agency saying I'm delinquent on my account.

Needless to say I was shocked and called the place and spoke with Peter. This was at 12:30 in the afternoon. He advised me there was nothing he could do and even scoffed and asked "How is it our fault you didn't know you hadn't cancelled your account?" I never blamed them for me not canceling my account. All I want is to cancel my account and have the debt removed from a collection agent.

Peter told me that the manager had already left for the day at 12:30 in the afternoon. I told him to have one of the other managers from another site or the owner call me. He assured me he would.

I then never received a call back and called them back at 6:04. Peter then told me that he had given the manager my info before he left. How could that be if the manager wasn't there?Peter said that the manager told him he wouldn't call me even though Peter apparently told him how upset I was. So the manager has complete disrespect for a paying member who wants to cancel.

Then I advised Peter to have someone call me immediately. He repeatedly advised me that he could not get any manager or owner to call me. I then told Peter that if the owner did not give me a call back within 10 minutes I would come down and we would resolve the issue at the front desk.

My phone rang 20 minutes later but it was not the owner, it was Peter. Peter told me that he did reach the owner of the business who told Peter that he would not call me and that I would need to wait and talk to the manager who apparently refused to talk to me today. Then Peter advised me that if I came in to WOW that the owner told him to call the police and have me removed from the premises. Now I know why it's ok for the manager to have complete disrespect for paying members.

All I want is for them to cancel my membership and advise the debt collection agency that contacted me today that I owe nothing. Why is that so hard for this business to understand?

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