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Missing lane markings causing hazardous driving consitions Öffnen

Intersection Of Memorial Circle Washington Blvd, and the Memorial Bridge, Arlington, Va Auf Karte zeigen Karte ausblenden
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Most of the lane markings on the southeast section of Memorial Circle have been worn off. Even with clear markings this would be a tricky intersection, where drivers turn off Memorial Circle to go into DC over the Memorial Bridge and drivers coming north on Washington Blvd cross over those lanes to enter Memorial Circle or continue on north. The lack of lane markings mean cars frequently turn right off Memorial Circle from the left hand lane (cutting off the cars in the actual turn lane), while cars in the actual turn lane on the right try to drive into the same curved lane after looking 120 degrees over their right shoulder for oncoming traffic and then encounter a fast moving car coming around them to the left and swerving into their right hand lane to cross Memorial Bridge. I have a near miss at least once a week at this intersection during rush hour and it's only a matter of time before there's a serious accident.

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