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Not sure if this is the proper place to post this so please let me know if I should direct this toward a particular office or individual. The Attleboro mbta commuter rail lot instituted a new policy regarding failure to pay for parking. Under the old policy you would be charged an additional 50 cents per day if you forgot to pay for parking (you'd end up paying $4.50 vs $4.00). It has jumped up to $14.00 if you forget to pay for parking, which I think and I'm sure other people probably agree, is absurd. I'm not willfully trying to get out of paying for parking, on occasion especially if I'm trying to catch a train on time it may slip my mind to pay for parking that day. I'm happy to pay a little extra but it seems like the mbta is trying to take advantage of people by jacking up the fine. I emailed the parking company to see if they would consider reducing the fine to a more reasonable amount like $5.00. Not sure anything can be done about this but any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

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