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A sign appeared in the last day or two on both the women's and men's restroom doors at the Hunt Park shelter that reads "Due to Recent vandalism the restrooms will be unavailable for use." I'm requesting that the restrooms be fixed and made available for use.

I don't think all users of Hunt Park should be punished for vandalism by unknown people who may or may not live in the neighborhood. There are drinking fountains in the rest rooms that should be available to kids and adults playing soccer, tennis, or basketball in the park, particularly in the heat of August. In the heat of summer this is a health and safety issue.

The drinking fountain on the outside of the shelter has been covered over with a black trash bag for several weeks, so there is no drinking water available anywhere at Hunt Park now. Also within the last day or two a sign appeared over the outside drinking fountain that reads "Due To sand blocking the drain the drinker will be unavailable for use." Can't the sand be removed and the drinking fountain be put back into use? Can't a different drain cover that is less likely to allow sand and dirt to block the drain be installed?

If the vandalism occurs at night, perhaps fixing the two lights on the outside of the shelter could help reduce the problem. The lights haven't been working all season. They have been reported elsewhere on See Click Fix, but no action or a reply has occurred.

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Q. What type of maintenance is needed?
A. Shelters and Restrooms

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