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Traffic Signal Acknowledged

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Traffic Signal


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Combination of the following problems:
1. Traffic light timing favors N/S Rt 27 traffic; cars crossing or turning on to Rt 27 have a much shorter green light.
2. Traffic congestion results in increasing backups on Bacon Street during peak bus/rush hour (beginning at 7:20am).
3. Way too many Bacon Street drivers are in the bad habit of turning on to Park Ave, then cutting on to N Pleasant, then barging on to Rt 27. They feel entitled to speed through the neighborhood with disregard, then give puppydog eyes to Northbound 27 travelers so they can bypass the traffic light mentioned in point #1 (see above). Only a matter of time before it leads to a road rage incident.

In addition to fixing the traffic signal to make it fair to travelers in all directions, an officer should be placed in key locations of that cut-through. I feel really bad for residents of Park Ave and N Pleasant who have legitimate reasons to travel those roads. Sometimes they have trouble getting out of their driveways because they're blocked out by short-cutters.

also asked...
Q. Is a signal bulb out and if so, which one?
A. No
Q. Is the signal bulb flashing?
A. No
Q. Please provide the intersection of the affected signal.
A. Bacon Street and Route 27 @ 7-11 store

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