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I don't know how to explain this one. They created 2 left turn lanes to enter Lowes home improvement store. This took away the right lane from West Road. This is also the same area as an exit from I-75 that merges onto West road. As you are merging onto West Rd, you have to also merge left because the right lane now ends at the light. If the light is red there is not much room for error when impatient people that are behind you are trying to pass you. It used to be that you could safely merge to the left after the traffic light. Now the distance is to short. I've almost been rear ended twice because when the traffic is backed up from the light there is no way for merging traffic to get over.

This intersection should have never been changed. Please return it to "one" left turn lane.

P.S. This also removed a right turn lane into Mobil, where tanker trucks sometimes come to a complete stop and wait until the gate opens. They used to be seperated from normal eastbound traffic. Now they block the road. All of this was changed so that there would be 2 left turn lanes into Lowes and Kohls which is barely used!

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