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Roadway Flooding/Drainage/Erosion


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South Willard




My name is Jim, I live at in south Willard. We were excited to see the recent widening of 89 for the bikes but were somewhat disappointed when the surface water issues at the intersection of 7615 S. was not addressed. You'll see on the attached photo that it doesn't take much rain to create a hazard here. Is there any way that a drain can be incorporated to the storm drainage system and raise the grade here to fix this? We have school kids who wait in this area for the bus and are dropped off, traffic is unyielding to anyone who is in the turn lane and for someone who isn't aware of the hazard when it exists is truly at risk.

I look forward to your thoughts here on what can be done.


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Q. What direction of travel is impacted?
A. Northbound

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