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    13801-13999 E Highway 31 Fairview, UT, 84629, USA - Sanpete County
    UT-31 ( just east of Fairview, Utah) has a few miles of road that desperately need a guardrail. This is a steep, winding canyon road that is well traveled by miners to work each day all year long as well as the general public. There are very narrow shoulders or no shoulders at all, accompanied by a steep drop off. This road is treacherous, particularly in the winter months with slick roads. Please consider installing guard rails along this stretch of road.
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    6400 New Bingham Hwy West Jordan, UT 84081, USA - West Jordan
    There was a car accident here on October 8th, 2018. It killed a very happy and young woman who was beginning her dreams. Yet due.to UDOT's irresponsible road construction signage and a lack of a guardrail and lights, she had to dodge a construction truck in the dark and crashed into the pit. UDOT, you have blood in your hands. Be ashamed.
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    I-80 E Dugway, UT, 84022, USA - Tooele County

    This is a Trinity ET + in the center median of I-80 at the Delle Exit heading east. Here is the pinned location: https://goo.gl/maps/B7J4pquNrzWjMUEV8

    The lower bearing plate is rotated but the larger problem is the impact head is detached from Post 1. Post 1 is fractured and has been damaged for several years.

    I found this while doing research on guardrail fatals from NHTSA Data. This was the closest guardrail to the NHTSA location but distance does not allow me to make a conclusion that this guardrail was the involved unit but the damage appears to correlate with the timeline of the subject crash. Nevertheless this guardrail end terminal is in a functionally deficient state. An impact at this location is likely to result in the death or serious harm of another person.

    I am a safety advocate and make YouTube videos so I will be using this report in a video. and would appreciate a notice of repair if possible.


    Steve Eimers

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    I-215 N & Ut-266 Salt Lake City, UT, 84124, USA - Salt Lake County
    There is a broken fence post on the Northeast portion of the 4500 south bridge over the East Belt Route. The base of the fence post has cracked and a large slab of cement might fall on the South bound traffic on I215. This looks very dangerous.
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    8502-8598 Alpine Loop Rd Provo, UT, 84604, USA - Utah County
    WE NEED A GUARDRAIL ASAP!!! Please for the sake of people’s safety, this road is really really dangerous. The roads are slick and there is a steep bank end river along the west side of the road. I have personally seen cars fall into the river several times. I remember a day when 8 cars fell in, in one night. We need a guard rail along this SR-92 from Sundance ski resort down to its end at the Provo canyon road. Over a dozen cars fall in this river every winter season, and it traps traffic in the canyon for many hours until the cars are pulled from the river. This small investment will save lives and hundresds if thousands in damages every single year. This is a must have for people’s safety. Please see that it is a priority. Thank you
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    Ut-31 Fairview, UT, 84629, USA - Sanpete County
    Please, please install guardrails along highway 31 in Fairview Canyon. The eastbound lane has little to no shoulder along a very steep cliff.
    There is a lot of seasonal and everyday traffic for miners and others that is treacherous all year long.
    Please help keep us safe on this road!
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    N Highway 31 Fairview, UT, 84629, USA - Sanpete County
    I'm writing to second Wendy Condie's 2019 request for guardrails on State Highway 31 in Fairview Canyon. Twenty months later, the road remains without guardrails, and further erosion means precipitous drop-offs begin at the pavement's edge in some places. The safety of many Utahns is at stake. In addition to miners, logging trucks and other large trucks often use this route, as well as large numbers of RVs and trailers with families camping on the Wasatch Plateau. Governor Cox lives at the foot of this canyon. In some key places, work to restore shoulders and reinforce the mountainside under the road (or some other fix) would be needed to lay the groundwork for guardrails.
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    Sr-31 Mount Pleasant UT 84647, United States - Sanpete County
    Camera not working
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    Us-191 Helper, UT 84526, USA - US Congressional District UT2
    camera outage at US-191 Liveview NB @ Emma Park Rd / MP 259.27, CC
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    Fr081 Logan, UT 84321, USA - Cache County

    US-89 Liveview SB @ Logan Canyon / MP 470.56, CA

    Camera ID10841

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    Laketown Rd Logan, UT, 84321, USA - Cache County
    camera outage.
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    Us-89 Junction UT 84750, United States - Piute County
    US-89 Liveview NB @ Big Rock Candy Mtn / MP 183.85, PT