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Going back home north bound to Seymour (Highway Rt 115 North) or North Main Street in Ansonia an accident had just occurred. I had to Google this location. A unsuspected delivery driver was pulling out Brookside Ave, Ansonia and could not see me because of the extremely high “snow mountain” sitting at the North-Bound corner of Brookside Ave. His instinct to inch out slowly caused me to have a head on collision with the vehicle in the south bound North Main Street lane of the Brookside Ave location. We both had minor damages because of our low speed narrow access and decided to exchange insurance information. We will most likely self-settle due to elevating premium claim increases Insurance companies will feed off of. A small child was playing near the mounds just feet away at the Brookside Ave, ANSONIA corner as this could have been much worse. People passing buy mentioned a yellow front-loader with an Ansonia public works employee or contractor created this snow blocking visual OBSTRUCTION sometime Sunday evening. I have not yet considered a POTENTIAL ACTION OF LIABILITY VIA THE CITY’S CONSTRUCTED BLIND SPOT. I will monitor my vehicle and well being moving forward if this starts to place personal expense on me knowing a legal basis is the strong point towards the CITY OF ANSONIA.

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