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Stormwater Issue


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The following project has supposedly been completed in the area of Poplar and 34th Ave NE. On Tuesday, June 12th, we had a thunderstorm and the ENTIRE area around of Poplar and 35th Ave NE were flooded as bad as they have been during a tropical storm. This was only a thunderstorm, and the water was half way up my driveway and deposited boards, leaves, and garbage on my property. A neighbor, the Rood's took pictures. If this project was supposed to alleviate flooding in this area, it is a TOTAL FAIL and ENTIRE waste of money!!!!!! Would love to know how much taxpayer money you WASTED on this!!!

Drainage Improvements coming to 34th Avenue NE
St. Petersburg, Fla. (December 20, 2017) – There’s good news for folks living in the Northeast Park and Snell Isle neighborhoods. Drainage improvement work is set to begin along 34th Avenue and Poplar Street NE beginning in January.

The City of St. Petersburg has authorized a contractor (Rowland, Inc.) to enhance and enlarge existing aged and undersized piping in the area and proceed with a project providing newer larger capacity storm drainage systems to the area. The work is scheduled to begin in January and continue through August 2018.

Local access to homes and businesses should be maintained at all times. However, minor disruptions are inevitable. The contractor will make every effort to accommodate residents’ and customer’s needs as situations arise. The city will also have a full-time inspector available to answer any questions and to address concerns in the field.

Letters will be sent directly to individual property owners in the area over the next two weeks to further explain the process and its potential impact.

also asked...
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Street flooding
Q. Location of problem?
A. Poplar Street /35th Ave NE area
Q. Does the issue involve a sewer (wastewater) line?
A. No


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