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Water and Irrigation Requests


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One or more houses on Country Club Rd. is pumping out irrigation water that smells like a large amount of human fecal matter (this is NOT simply a "rotten egg" smell). This pungent and extremely foul odor is coming from somewhere to the west of Indian Rocks Rd., likely a few doors down from that intersection with the traffic calming palm tree in the middle. Regardless, considering the way my other report about this same issue at a different address was treated, it appears that further details are required in order for something like this to be taken seriously. Otherwise, it makes no sense that my initial report was given almost zero consideration and personal observations were immediately re-characterized from "raw sewage" to "rotten egg smell," which is quite different and much more benign. So, just in case it's still unclear, the water that's involved smells so bad it cannot be described as merely "annoyingly unpleasant," as it's a much more distressing situation. The stench is so horrific that a physical reaction occurs almost instantly upon encounter; stinging/watering eyes, followed by chest pain, nausea, anxiety, and lingering headache. Whatever's going on with this so-called "shallow well" practice referenced in response to my previous report, I can personally confirm it's not just some harmless cost-saving activity, and involves toxic fumes and bacteria-filled groundwater being sprayed around to saturate anything and everything nearby, including neighboring people, property and airspace. If exposing residents to this kind of thing is not a concern within the purview of the Water Dept., then please so state and forward along to the appropriate person/agency instead of closing it out as if resolved.

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