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Trash - Litter or Hazardous Material


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ive been playing musical chairs with some cement left over by the road construction crew. they left in the tree pit, and i take it out. they brush it back in the tree pit and i hand pick it out. now that they are gone, wpuld the DPW be willing to come and take away the pile of cement fill by the tree pit?

constrction debris is noy allowed in the blue bags and I doubt it will hold it without tearing.

and more importantly, can we speak w the construction crews again about not using tree pits as construction trash debris receptacles. the concrete and asphalt leftovers tear at the bark and damage the tree bark.

(filling the tree pits with some half decent loom vs the construction fill with largw rocks we are using now will be a future SCF ticket. Lets give the new trees a chance to thrive)


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