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every since august of last year when these new young people move in the smiles moved out the drive through my home owner neighbors and i drive through can not b used no more its been 6 months since we use it 2 drive through they sit out there drinking smoking and loud arguing amongst each other they have gang meetings and i yes me the neighbor hood uncle to all is now scared 2 get out of my car when i come home 11pm at night from work my wife and daughter stay calling me about them while at work at times it brings tension between us please we got the manetenace dept 2 clean up over there now they r hanging out all night sometimes i b smart and ask them can you wake me up 4am so i can go to work it just dont make no sences it is the alley way between n25 apartments and the alley of of bellvue ave. we always have people being rob and not reported shooting every other weekend now they let me and my neighbors no how much they like us they been @#$% on our yard pleez help .if i gotta keep paying high taxes i want high results bottom line. i bet if they put back up the bright lights over there it may help


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